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Orbit Quest

You were on a mission to collect resources for Earth’s last space colony when a wormhole sucked you up and sent you to the edge of the galaxy. Now you are alone in an infinite universe with nothing but your star ship to get you home.

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Orbit Quest Ship
Manta Alien Orbit Quest

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Plague the Peasants

Real time strategy game where you play as a plague in the middle ages. You must conquer villages by infecting and spreading your disease through host, rats, food and more. As you infect the villagers you will become stronger and gain more abilities. Do you have what it takes to become the next black death?

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Who Are We?

Frost lab studios began out of a school project between 5 guys. We each shared the same vision of creating unique video game experiences that would take players to places they haven’t been before. At Frost Lab Studios we really care about the artistic craftsmanship of every aspect of a game. Whether it is the textures on a characters clothes, ambient sounds, or the design of new game play features we always try to bring something new to the table.

The Team

Stephen Judge
Stephen Judge
CEO/Project Manager

Hey is this thing on… When I was a kid I would run around yelling and pretending I was in a video game. Not much has changed except I actually make games now! And neighbors don’t scream at me as much…

Favorite Game: Last of Us
Julian Chelo
Character TD

I love cartoons, comics and double bacon cheeseburgers, video games are pretty great too I guess.

Favorite Game: Persona 3
Rafael Lopez
Lead Artist

Hello world, names Rafael. Growing up as a kid I lived, breathed, and ate video games.. yes you heard right, ate. Its all I’ve know and come to love throughout college. If you do too, you’ve come to the right place. Put on your seat belts, your life is about to get spiced up! Game on fellow gamers!

Favorite Game: Uncharted Series
Noah Kellman
Noah Kellman
Composer/Sound Designer

Noah began playing Horizon Zero Dawn at the mental age of 9. A productive member of any development team, Noah has had the honor of receiving countless PSN achievements. Don’t try to contact him at night because he’s playing Until Dawn.

Favorite Game: Inside
Mateo Nossa
Mateo Nossa
Composer/Sound Designer

Uhm…I like ‘apple juice’. Besides that, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t play video games. That and music lessons. Yup, that sums up my childhood. It shouldn’t surprise you then that I’m a composer and that I’m doing video games.

Favorite Game: Last of Us

Contact Frost Lab Studios

Contact us about anything your heart desires! We love to hear feedback and you can send us any business inquires you have. We will respond as quickly as possible!